Barbell Holder

  • A2ZCARE Horizontal Wall Mounted Barbell Holders – Olympic Barbell Storage Rack – 3 Bars (Pair)

    • PROVIDE MORE SPACE FOR YOUR HOME GYM: durable and compact Barbell Rack Bar Storage allows you the place the rack anywhere in your workout area, providing neat and spacious home gym and easy access to your barbell in body-building sessions
    • STRONG HEAVY STEEL CONSTRUCTION – STYLISH & FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Made from thick 6-gauge, strong and solid structure allows you to store your bars up to 440 lbs safely. Reinforced with high quality Black Powder Coating, this equipment is designed to be rust & corrosion resistant; durable powder finish protects its whole structures from scratches, making it look brand-new for years.
    • UHMW PLASTIC-LINED BRACKETS PROTECT YOUR BAR’S FINISH: Laser-cut UHMW Plastic Layer is installed on each rack. It keeps the barbell from being scratched and make it easy to attach the bar quickly without fear of being stabbed or injured
    • INSTALL ON CONCRETE WALL: Designed to install on concrete wall
    • WARRANTY: 30-day free return and 1 year limited warranty.
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  • A2ZCARE Barbell Holder Vertical Storage – Barbell Storage Rack Fit 2-inch Olympic Bars, Curl Bars, Triceps Bars, Dumbbell Handles – 5 Bars

    • INCLUDE 5 HOLDS: Barbell rack is compatible with holds bars with 2 diameter ” or less , including Olympic Bar, Trap Bar, Squat Bar, Bench Press Bar, Dumbbell Handle.
    • HIGH MATERIALS- Constructed of steel for strength and stability and black matte textured finish for durability and plasma cut components to increase safety during use. Inside our steel tube is not rough to avoid scratching on your barbell.
    • COMPACT and MULTI_FUNCTION DESIGN gives you an optimum fitness space space to keep your gyms, health clubs, and in-home fitness areas safely organized
    • THERE ARE 4 holes to bolt to the floor, which makes it extremely steady and ensures your safety during use
    • CONFIDENT BUYING WHEN YOU ARE ASSURED: 30-day free return and 1-year limited warranty for damaged workmanship.
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  • A2ZCARE Wall Mounted Olympic Barbell Holder – 3 Bars Hanger – Fit Long and Short Barbell

    _ SAVE SPACE AND KEEP BAR ORGANIZED: Single Wall Mounted Vertical Bar Storage can hold up 3 bars, the best way to help you save space and organize your bar.
    _ DIMENSIONS 10x 4.3x 3” (LxWxH): Compatible with 12, 14 & 16 inch wood studs. The bar slots are 1.3” wide. Can be installed to wood studs, wood backer board, or masonry. _ A2ZCare Barbell Holder(3 bars) can withstand up to 200 pounds.
    _ HIGH MATERIAL AND MUTIL DESIGN: Constructed of solid steel with a black powder finish to add extra protection to barbell from rust and corrosion.
    _ EASY TO INSTALL: designed to give ample space and fit well most of the barbells including long & short bars. Can be installed on wood backer board, or masonry.
    _ CONFIDENT BUYING WHEN YOU ARE ASSURED: 30-day free return and 6-months limited warranty for damaged workmanship.

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