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  • A2ZCARE Power Rack T-Bar Row Landmine Attachment | Fit 2-inch Olympic Bars | Compatible with 2×2 & 3×2 Rack

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    • 2” x 2” SQUARE TUBE POWER RACK – A2ZCare Power Rack Attachment has 6.25” long and up to 1” wide screw for being compatible with most power racks have 2”x2” and 3” x 2” square tube. The 2.29” diameter of pivot bar sleeve fit with any 2” Olympic bar.
    • HIGH-QUALITY STEEL CONSTRUCTION – Both pivot sleeve and base post are made of thick solid steel and covered with Electrostatic Power Coating for safety and durability.
    • FULL RANGE SWIVEL – 360 degree up & down creates many interesting and effective workouts for gaining core muscles as abs, biceps, traps, shoulders, back, hamstrings & more.
    • SUPER EASY INSTALLATION – The special feature of this item compares to other Power Rack attachments with the same function is how easy and convenient installation. You just need to insert the screws to the rack then tighten the item in place. Also, the last thing you need to do is tighten the secure knob to keep the bar stay fixed after inserting it into the pivot sleeves.
    • 1-YEAR WARRANTY – 30-day free return and 1-year warranty for damaged Workmanship.
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  • A2ZCARE Combo Tricep LAT Pulldown Attachments, V Handle, V-Shaped Bar, Tricep Rope, Rotating Straight Bar (V Handle + Tricep Rope + Rotating Bar + V-Shaped Bar)

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  • A2ZCARE Cable Machine Accessories, Cable Machine Attachment for Weight Lifting, LAT Pull Down Attachment. Multi-Option: Double D Handle, V-Shaped Bar, Tricep Rope, Rotating Straight Bar

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    • Combo includes V Handle (Double D Handle) and V-Shaped Bar with high-quality and polished chrome finish
    • V Shape Bar with flat knobs to comfortably fit arm and prevent from slipping, endure weight up to 880 lbs (3.800N). Textured rubber coating handle, provides ergonomic & secured grip during the workout.
    • V Handle (Double D Handle) is constructed of high-quality solid steel with Rubber handles with textured surface for non-slip increase the secured and firm grip to your hands during workouts; provides a balanced force to both arms when attaching it to any gym machine. Dimensions: 7.5”x6.5”x5.5” (LxWxH) and 0.53-inch hole can fit easily for all cable system
    • Perfect for building stronger triceps with various compound pushing exercises, assisting muscles around elbows, wrists, back, and shoulders. This combo is an effective attachment for muscles, enhance strength, improves fitness and bodybuilding with many triceps exercises, especially V-Bar Pushdown and Seated Cable Row
    • Warranty: 30-day free return and 1-year limited warranty
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  • A2ZCARE Steel X-Mount Kit | Wall and Ceiling Mount Bracket for Suspension Straps & Gym Rings | Ceiling Anchor for Yoga Swing Hammock, Battle Ropes & Boxing Equipment

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    • DURABLE HEAVY-DUTY STEEL: A2ZCare X mount Kit, including X Mount Plate and 4 screws, is made of heavy-duty steel with covered paint to ensure its ability to carry heavy equipment like battle ropes or boxing heavy bag and prevent any rust or corrosion through time.
    • CONVENIENTLY COMPACT: With only 4.72-inch diameter of plates and 0.5-inch thickness of the bracket part, ceiling anchor helps save much space without creating any bulky look but still do it jobs well in hanging other equipment in your room.
    • BALANCE DESIGN: 2 holes both sides are adequate to create the great balance for the item to bear with strong gravitation or force. 2 different pairs of screws have standard dimensions to make sure they can provide standard safety and they’re convenient whether they have to be attached to brick, concrete or wood surface.
    • SUITABLE FOR HANGING FITNESS EQUIPMENT: The X mount bracket can safely withstand up to 700 lbs so great for most hanging fitness equipment like ab straps, suspension straps, Olympic gym rings, Yoga hammock, Battle Ropes, boxing bag and so on.
    • BUYING WITH NO CONCERN: as you are covered with a 30-day warranty.
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